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First time in Warsaw? Official Tourist Website of Warsaw –

Although Poland is the part of European Union and belongs to the Schengen zone, it is not in the Euro zone. The official currency in Poland is Polish zloty (PLN): 1 Euro = 4.30 PLN.

TAXI – The are a lot of taxi companies operating in Warsaw. The most useful and the most secure way of ordering the taxi is to call the taxi corporation, e.g. Merc Taxi, tel.: +48 (22) 677 77 77, Sawa Taxi, tel.: +48 (22) 644 44 44 (companies advised by the Okęcie airport).

Much more can be found on the Internet. While catching the taxi on the road, choose those having a clear company name and phone number on the roof (radio-taxi). The price for taxi is usually between 2 and 2.4 PLN per kilometer. Initial fee of a few PLN applies. During nights rates are usually doubled.

Public transport – In Warsaw you can travel by bus, tramway and subway. Single ride ticket costs 4.40 PLN, while one-day pass, that entitles to unlimited number of journeys for 24 hours from its validation, is 15 PLN. There are also other combinations available (from 20-minute to 3-day ticket). Tickets can be purchased in grocery stores, „kiosks” and directly in the vehicle (excluding subway).

To get from airport to campus please use bus number 148.

To get to downtown from our campus – preferably take the subway towards „Młociny” direction (and „Kabaty” direction to get back to the campus). There is also a bus stop close to the Ikar hotel – 503 bus will take you to the Warsaw Old Town. Try to avoid buses during rush hours (7-9AM and 3-5PM).

Websites on city transport:, and

Phones – Prefix to Poland: +48, prefix to Warsaw: 22

Emergency – In a case of emergency call 112 (emergency call), 997 (Police), 998 (Fire Department), 999 (Medical help). Travel insurance is recommended. EU citizens are expected to have a confirmation of their local health insurance.

Other information – Nowadays Poland is a relatively safe country, especially when you apply regular and logical safety rules you normally use in your country. In public buildings smoking is allowed only in the marked places. Drinking alcohol is prohibited in public areas. The maximum allowed alcohol level in driver’s blood is <0.2 promile.