Rogów Experimental Station Trip

Conference “Forests in Science, Practice and Education”

Optional trip to Experimental Forest Rogów (16-18.06.2019)

16.06.2019 Sunday

17:00 Departure from Warsaw WULS campus to Rogów Experimental Forest

17.06.2019 Monday

Visit experimental plots, Arboretum, Forest and Wood Museum

18.06.2019 Tuesday

9:00 Departure to Warsaw

Rogów Experimental Station

The Forestry Faculty of WULS, acknowledging the role of field experiments and the practical teaching of forestry students in order to master the science of forest, has claimed since the very beginning of its activity that their own forest be possessed by the Faculty that would fulfill the following four main functions:

  • the scientific function – to make it possible that research study and experiments be carried out covering a whole thematic scope of the discipline connected with forestry;
  • the didactic function – to be a good location for the practical training and classes with students of the Forestry Faculty, as well as for the participants of all studies and teaching courses within the thematic scope connected with forestry;
  • the extension (implementation) function – as an object of joint work of science people and the local forest administration service on the practical implementation of the scientific solutions and technological (know how) achievements;
  • the economic function – by carrying the production activity of both range and intensity appropriate to the requirements of the above cited primary functions.

The Forest Experimental Station of WULS in Rogów consists nowadays of three organizational units of a different character yet they strictly co-operate with each other:
– the Forest District
– the Arboretum
– the Center for Nature-Forest Education

The WULS Experimental Forest in Rogów has become during the 80 years of its existence the important and renown domestic and international center of forestry research. Its impressive output and the significance for Polish forestry play a very important role in the process of teaching the foresters of future and in the natural education of society.

Based on the empirical data collected in the objects of the WULS Forest Experimental Station in Rogów, tens of PhD theses and habilitation dissertations have so far been completed and hundreds of MSc theses. Lots of new information obtained during the accomplishment of the study projects have been incorporated to the university handbooks and were included in very many publications and, also, in the elaboration of a practical character addressed to the forest management – the instructions facilitating the implementation of many valuable solutions and findings into particular fields of forestry in Poland.

It should be emphasized that the research and production objects of the Rogów Forests are still more and more comprehensively utilized also in the didactic process accomplished by particular Departments and Divisions of WULS and also while organizing many types’ training courses.

The idea of the creators of the faculty of forestry of WULS that the experimental forests accomplishing their basic functions become the natural bridge between the study and practice of forestry has become reality.